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Both Eyes Open Photography was established in 1996 in Whitehorse Yukon and has been at the forefront of the photographic industry ever since. After nearly two decades in Toronto competing with some of the best photographers in the country, we have relocated back to the Yukon, armed with 20+ years of photographic experience and business management skills. We have extensive experience in all things photography. 

Our services include: Architecture, Products, Food, Events, Commercial, Sports, Portraits, Green Screen, 360 Virtual Tours, Photo Booth, Editing, Printing/Scanning, etc and we are always up for a new exciting challenge!

Architecture: We shoot showing exactly how the location looks and/or intimate detail images which will give an idea of an atmosphere you wish to portray. We look at each environment as a unique structure that needs to tell your story. 360 Virtual tours are also a great option to show an exact representation of any space in huge detail.

Products: Simple product images of an exact representation of your creations for websales or atmosphere images, showing a product in use to generate an experience or feeling. We have a variety of backgrounds available or can customize the look to your specifications.

Food: Each Chef is an artist in their own right and we take advantage of this creating a look only your restaurant or kitchen can create. We have a variety of backgrounds or can customize the look to your specifications. 

Events: Roaming images as the event unfolds but making sure to capture the essence of the event for years to remember. Images are captured of guests interacting with the event. Speakers, presentations, productions, can all be captured throughout the events entirety.

Sports: Knowing how the game is played is vital to shooting any sport successfully. We study your sport beforehand to make sure those unforgettable moments are not missed. With our professional telephoto lenses it allow us to shoot all sports at a distance or right on the field. We can shoot in all lighting and weather conditions. 

Portraits: Our completely portable studio allows us to set up in an office or in the middle of a soccer field. We come to you. We interact with each person on a personal level to make them as comfortable as possible allowing us to bring out the individual's personality. We have a variety of backdrop options available and or can source locations to suit your requirements.

Operated Photo Booth: We interact with each subject to make sure they are getting an experience to remember. This makes the event and or shoot more fun for everyone attending.  With our customized borders and green screen technology we can figuratively transport a subject to a different location and or add a banner with a marketing message. This can be customized to any event and can be used in many situations from ribbon cutting to corporate events. We can shoot, print and email on site. 

Image Editing and Restoration: Our digital artists are able to take your requirements and edit all images to your exact specifications. All images are edited to allow for easy changes or even to turn off a particular adjustment not required.  This allows us to always deliver to your specification. 

Printing and Scanning Services: We are able to print on site up to 13x19 prints. Scanning prints up to 8.5x11 in size as well as 35mm negative/slide and 120mm negative/slide. All images are edited and colour matched prior to delivery. 

Consultations: Our creative brief process allows us to recognize your unique needs and supply creative solutions to meet those goals.  We are a solutions company that always has new creative ideas for all your projects. We always get the job done, on time and on budget. 

Architecture, 360 Virtual Tours, Portraits, Products, Food, Events, Green Screen, we do it all.

With Both Eyes Open Photography, you get the Full Picture.